HR Analytics

In the current fast changing business world, HR is expected to take an active role in creating the workplace of the future and make organizations future-ready. A disciplined and data-driven approach is needed for matching talent requirements with anticipated, and sometimes unanticipated essentials of the organization.

With the power of HR Analytics, create meaningful insights on how your human capital assets contribute to generating revenue, minimizing expense, mitigating risks and executing strategic plans


HR Tools

In this era where technology goes hand in hand for almost all business operations, it is no wonder that organisations across the globe are investing in HR technology. We specialize in developing HR applications that augment your organisation’s HR strategy. Our solutions assist you to develop people strategies that link your process and goals seamlessly. We take pride in the simplicity and efficiency of our solutions.

360 degree assessment

A 360 degree feedback must allow the organization and individual to develop. It must provide with inputs that are effective and objective with a perspective of overall growth. It must be simple to design, administer and interpret. CEO's 360 degree feedback is all that and more.

We at CEO understand your requirement to have access to simple but efficient 360 degree feedback mechanisms

  • Save on the cost of resources deployed
  • Reduce the overall deployment time frame
  • No hassles of follow-ups
  • Customize 100% to your needs
  • Get valuable insights and holistic feedback within a justifiable cost and time frame
Assessment platform

Ever changing demands of industry and organization necessitate a requirement for a robust platform that gives the liberty of anytime assessment on content that evolves regularly.

With our tool, organizations and institutes have the liberty of developing their own online assessments of varying scope & difficulty levels, building internal question banks, benchmarking candidates, conducting demographic analysis, creating branded & detailed reports and more.

CEO's platform provides a powerful, economic and viable alternative to existing bulky, heavy process oriented and expensive online assessment solutions in market


The real value of data is in analysis. Score Cards have traditionally assisted to measure production performance and other mundane but essential data. However, as organizations increased in complexity, Score Cards have evolved to deliver much more than measurement of plain productivity

Take away your dependence on weekend information and better your production, quality and overall performance right away with access to real time data.

Our cutting edge tool not only records data real time, but also provides you with various in-depth reports which measure current performance, identify bottle necks and factors that affect productivity, provide comparison with bench marks and forecast with a great degree of accuracy.

Training Effectiveness

You have spent considerable amounts of money selecting your employees, training your trainers and investing in a state of the art training infrastructure. You have got your training modules developed by experts too. But are you efficiently measuring the impact and the Return-on-Investment of your training?

More often than not, Training Evaluation is a program that is done at the end of training period to ascertain the floor readiness of the trainee. But, as is the proven fact, Learning, absorption and utilization of learning are subject to numerous variables including but not limited to ability of the trainee, time, peer support, operational environment and of course quality of the training itself. Our tool considers all these aspects to efficiently determine the value and impact of training and its ROI to the organization over a period of time.

Empower your L&D department to holistically evaluate the learning process and strategies in use while giving the organization the advantage of improved ROI on all learning program deployments.

Performance Management System

An ideal PMS must be capable of assisting you to set your policies and goals in view of organization business requirement, cascade your goals, let you define measurement, set target accordingly - individual, department, business unit-wise. It is even more better if it can identify accountable individuals, provide a perspective for policies and goals set. And of course, enable you to measure it at the end of assigned period keeping in consideration weightage, measure, and target achieved. And how about depicting all this information graphically - bell curves, plotted representations?

We can help you create a powerful Performance Management System that assists you to holistically evaluate employee and Organizational performance. While most PMS's in the market help you to appraise the performance of an individual against set goals, we can give you the refined edge of doing so in comparison with peer performance, department performance, organizational goals and performance objectives set.

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