You go the distance to identify and hire talent for your organization. Your best resources are put in to plan, design and deliver the training that will equip these employees to learn and perform better. You create an infrastructure that is designed to stimulate the best of minds. Your leaders and managers spend considerable time in delivering initiatives that is aimed at keeping your team happy. But are your employees really happy and satisfied?

Employee Satisfaction


CEO's surveys strategically measure both Affective and cognitive satisfaction levels to present you with an in-depth understanding of organizational picture.

CEO's Employee Satisfaction survey is designed to holistically measure satisfaction levels across organization.

Affective satisfaction is emotional in nature, often occurring through interpersonal relationships, recognition ,reward systems, and opportunities for creativity and self-expression at the workplace. Cognitive satisfaction relates to intellectual stimulation and challenge, compensation and benefits, working hours, working environment, and more.


Integrates all crucial aspects of survey delivery and analysis mechanism


Detailed cross tab based reports that can be drilled down to departments


Assures absolute anonymity

Employee Engagement


Agreed. Your employees are happy, content at work and always smiling. But

  • Are they passionate about their jobs?
  • Are they committed to the organization and engage in actions that work towards cumulative and strategic growth of the organization?
  • Are your employees really an integral part of the organization?

our survey will delve into the detail to let you understand what is driving the engagement and motivation in your organization.

It is a proven fact today that organizations need to measure employee engagement strategically. While a satisfaction survey can tell you about how happy your employees are, engagement survey measures employees motivation, involvement and emotional connect with the organization. CEO's Engagement Survey provides you with actionable analysis. Rather than just indicating whether your employees are engaged are not.

Measure and increase workforce motivation, morale, and commitment by ensuring that individuals understand company's strategy, and how their work contributes to the company's success. CEO's engagement survey comes with actionable analysis that can help employees obtain a sense of purpose and direction that will make them feel more involved and motivated.

Organization Climate


CEO's Organizational climate survey assists you to measure and identify opportunities for workplace improvement by focusing on a wide gamut of work place dimensions including Role-Clarity, Employee / Management Relations, Respect, Communication, Performance / Reward Systems, Career Development, Decision-Making / Coordination, Innovation, Relationships, Teamwork / Support, Quality of Service, Conflict Management, Morale Strategy and direction.

CEO's Organizational climate survey factor in the six crucial motives relevant to the organizational climate including Achievement, Influence, Control, Extension, Dependency and Affiliation.

  • CEO's Climate survey gives employees a voice to assist in making desired transitions as smooth as possible.
  • It also serves as a basis for quality improvements. By identifying areas of inefficiency and acting on performance barriers identified by employees of all levels, your organization can gain a fresh and innovative approach to move the organization forward.

CEO’s Organizational Climate Survey analysis identifies areas of employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction to facilitate management in the creation of greater workplace harmony and, therefore, increased productivity. Our report focuses on actionable analysis and conclusions drawn from the data, to help you prepare for a better tomorrow.



Manpower is an important aspect of any business and especially in large enterprises it has tremendous influence on organizational productivity. With an optimized manpower, organizations can derive best from people and reduce one of the major costs of product produced and hence improve profitability.

  • Optimization study involves a detailed end to end process study and mapping of all process
  • Observation of steps carried out on shop floor by operators involved along with timing (Time & motion study) to ensure the “As-Is” status is correctly mapped.
  • Scope of enhancing or re balancing utilization are evaluated based on the process knowledge and observations made.
  • Tasks can be re assigned based on potential and utilization so that right balance is achieved on effective utilization of resources

The key for success is actively engaging supervision staff to get insights on process and people as well as study key reports on deployment plan Vs actual to get valuable information to take informed decisions. It is invariably seen that potential to optimize man power always exist in any set up provided a structured approach is adopted without any biases

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