An organization might have it all - Technology, process, knowledge, leadership excellence, access to resources and a will to grow - but lack the desired growth owing to out of sync work teams with low motivational levels and high degree of supervision requirement.

The challenge for any growing organization is to ensure that the work team is equipped with the knowledge, skills, ability and willingness to manage self, process and the whole team as a whole. .The key to inorganic growth has always been and will remain a work team, which is aware of individual and group responsibilities, their role in the overall organizational perspective and empowered to run the show by itself with minimal supervision.

The new Business Mantra is moving towards conscious capitalism and "vocally” local approach to culture.

High Performance

Work Systems

High Performance Work Systems (HPWS) is an organizational architecture that brings together work, people, technology and information in a manner that optimizes the congruence or fit among them.

High Performance Work System is our flagship organizational development offering for building a team-based high performance work culture in the organization. We are pioneers in India in design & implementation of HPWS since our inception in 1999.

HPWS enables a unique way of working which aims at higher organisation performance by creating high level of ownership & commitment in employees. It consists of a specific combination of HR practices of Inclusion & Engagement, Learning & Development and Empowerment & Self-management on one hand and Team-based work structures & systems for organising & executing daily work on the other hand.

It parallelly focuses on building a culture of egalitarianism, transparency, information sharing, open communication, team work and increased avenues for employee recognition



The new Business Mantra is moving towards conscious capitalism and” vocally” local approach to culture. The new ecosystem demands Organizations be it greenfield, brownfield or black field, to accept and deal with multi-generational challenges. Leveraging generational strengths and co-creating Purpose led organization is emerging as new trend. Culture now calls for permanent business impact and aspirational growth for people even in the semi-permanent nature of business or people. Numerous businesses operate on Contract Manufacturing or outsourced models and people on Flexi, Fixed time, Part time, Work from Home, Hybrid teams, touch less synergies and Leader – Less Delivery.

Cultural visioning in the current context must factor more socio-psycho and technological dimensions. Social Experiments with purpose driven approach is going to be new driver for Business success