Are you a fresher looking for job opportunity from a long time? Are you unable to find a job according to your skills and knowledge? Or are you seeking for an opportunity to enhance your skills and demonstrate or unveiled your hidden talents?
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Do you know according to henryharvin.com almost 2 million graduates are not employed in India and around half a million postgraduates are unemployed in India. Jobs for freshers is a daunting task in Indian Market due high competition. According to one study main factors because of which freshers struggle in finding jobs in Indian Market are mismatch between opportunity and qualification, Population, Low quality education of institutions and universities, lack of right skills according to the industry requirements and meeting the societal responsibilities. CEO HR Consultancy is not only a one stop solution for industries, manufacturing setups, IT sectors, institutions etc. who are looking to grow their organization and want their Human Resources to understand their Vision, Mission and Goal but also is a connecting linkage for freshers to organizations providing opportunities of jobs for freshers. As we believe Collection to Selection. We have a client list of 500+ Clients where clients like Suzuki, Ola, Solara, Strides Pharma, Isuzu, Mondelez, Schwing Stetter, Colgate, Kellogg’s, Pfizer, Coca-Cola etc. which helps freshers to choose their career according to will and choice. According to one of the industry estimates published in times of India in 2020 out of 15 lakh Engineer graduates every year only 2.5 lakh land into their relevant field.

We at CEO exactly understand the challenges like lack of experience and exposure, facing interviews and understanding organization needs, limited network with the professionals etc. which are faced in Indian Market by freshers to identify best suited jobs. Our Consultancy is tailored for the job searches and our experienced consultants will guide you to identify jobs according to your qualification, skill, knowledge fulfilling future goals of your career.

Our expert team provides personalized career guidance for fresher candidates assisting them and aligning their decision according to their career aspirations and their personnel preferences. CEO HR Consultancy provides multiple opportunities for skill enhancement, boosting confidence and helping freshers understand areas that may require improvement which helps them grab opportunity of jobs for freshers in a dynamic Indian market.

Getting a job as a fresher demands continuous planning and proactive strategies. By our HR Consultancy’s support, you can significantly enhance the chances of getting a job in competitive Indian Market. Every fresher’s journey for job hunt consists of challenges, dedication, and the right strategies but with proper guidance and consistent support of our HR Consultancy you can simplify the struggle by achieving you dream job. CEO HR Consultancy specializes in helping freshers discover ideal job

according to their skill matrix and provides personalized career advice to set your dream into achievement and pave a path to success.

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