Measuring Progress in real time

The real value of data is in analysis. Score Cards have traditionally assisted to measure production performance and other mundane but essential data. However, as organizations increased in complexity, Score Cards have evolved to deliver much more than measurement of plain productivity.

eScoreCard by CEO is a cutting edge tool that not only records data real time, but also provides you with various in-depth reports which measure current performance, identify bottle necks and factors that affect productivity, provide comparison with bench marks and forecast with a great degree of accuracy.

eScoreCard takes away your dependence on weekend information and helps you optimize and better your production, quality and overall performance right away with access to real time data.

eScoreCard, being a web enabled tool, allows you to access live data remotely and instantly. With a plethora of easy to use customizable features, grouping, report functionality and message boards; eScoreCard is a tool that can ably assist you to increase the organizational and individual performance multifold.