Train good. Measure Better.

You have spent considerable amounts of money selecting your employees, training your trainers and investing in a state of the art training infrastructure. You have got your training modules developed by experts too. But are you efficiently measuring the impact and the Return-on-Investment of your training?

More often than not, Training Evaluation is a program that is done at the end of training period to ascertain the floor readiness of the trainee. But, as is the proven fact, Learning, absorption and utilization of learning are subject to numerous variables including but not limited to ability of the trainee, time, peer support, operational environment and of course quality of the training itself. T-gauge is a tool by CEO that considers all these aspects to efficiently determine the value and impact of training and its ROI to the organization over a period of time.

T-gauge empowers your T&D department to holistically evaluate the learning process and strategies in use while giving the organization the advantage of improved ROI on all learning program deployments.

T-gauge assists you to better your learning processes and increase their ROI while empowering your team with valuable insights about quality of individuals and opportunities for skill development. Whether you are a corporate house, industrial unit or an Educational Institution, T-gauge can help you better your best.