"We are using ePeoplePower, an online PMS and I cannot overstate the value of the ePeoplePower. The implementation team understood our needs, organization structure, current process & configured the software very quickly to go-live. The hand holding support and user training provided by the team made the made the process more simpler and effective. I highly recommend this application for organizations to link Performance Management System with Enterprise Performance Management, to help them identify unique organizational goals, create policies, cascade them effectively and follow up on performance without taking away the ability to crisply communicate objectives to employees and We are very happy with the end result."

V.K.Subramanian, Vice President HR, Wheels India Limited

"I highly recommend e360assessment for organizations to manage their 360 degree feedbacks.

Am glad to say that e360assessment are extremely open to hear our needs and understanding our objective of doing 360. They are effective in co-coordinating the process and provided us with a hand holding support. e360assessment took extra care in the quality and the content in the report which provided a deeper insight to individuals and our organization to know about the strengths, blind spots and areas for improvement. It also provided us with a list of actions to stop, start and continue on individuals day to day roles that acts as a base for individual development plan. I am are really happy to hire their services and I value their excellence in their knowledge, professionalism and customer focus."

Abhishek Upadhyay, HR Manager, GKN Driveline(India) Ltd

"We had contracted CEO for IT enabling for our 360 degree feedback process -Total Perspective. They were able to comprehend our requirements well and provided us with a VFM product customized for our needs. We found them very responsive and friendly - Truly delightful experience."

Salil Raghavan, GE Shipping Company Ltd

" I have experienced a professional and very supportive relationship with CEO Infotech. They went the extra mile to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. Their technical support for my clients were also outstanding. I am not going to stop using them. "

Herman Veitch, Thinking Engineer, Professional Certified Coach International Coach Federation

"I would like to thank you for the excellent support we received from both of on the 360 assessment. Right from the time you took up the project your responsiveness has been amazing. Your turnaround time has been really good and you never refused any of the customization requests that we had.

We are very happy with the quality of the report and the professionalism displayed by you in taking up the project."

Rekha Narendra, Senior Vice President Human Resources, Global Delivery Centre

" One of the most important requirements for a successful 360 degree survey is a ‘silent’ online system which is confidential, easy to use, runs smoothly, is easily customizable (communication, logo , competencies etc), Provides customized easily understandable reports and has good turnaround time. CEO Infotech’s e360feedback meets all these criteria. We have used this system extensively and have been delighted by the support we get from CEO Infotech . Whenever we’ve approached them with any changes (which is quite a few times actually) , they’ve never said ‘no’ but worked with us collaboratively to find a suitable solution. I would recommend their service for their focus on excellence, professionalism and very high levels of Customer focus. "

Rohit Shenoy, Senior Consultant , People Business