Select Right. Select Bright.

Selecting a right candidate is about understanding your requirement, understanding the Industry requirement / practices, being aware of trend changes and keenly judging the validity of a claim by a candidate. This is exactly the reason for us to have a team of domain specialists who understand your vertical, your industry better. Furthermore, our team is trained in interpreting and validating of a resume and not just in downloading.

We assist you to validate your hiring requirement in terms of skill sets, competency, industry background, compensation and the right source segments. Coupled with scientific assessment tools including Aptitude Tests, optional domain skill evaluation and a detained first level screening questions and formats, our team ensures that your selection time is virtually reduced in half. We also assure a great reduction in terms of your effort and monies spent on interviewing, scheduling and shortlisting.

Third party databases, which are available for a fee, increase the scheduling, overall recruitment effort and decrease the probability percentage of acceptance of offer. Hence, we make it a point to create our own talent pool by tapping unlisted sources via institute tie ups, networking and targeted soliciting.

Whether it is just resume screening need or a complete package of recruitment coordination, we are there to help.