Self Managed Teams

An organization might have it all - Technology, process, knowledge, leadership excellence, access to resources and a will to grow - but lack the desired growth owing to out of sync work teams with low motivational levels and high degree of supervision requirement.

The challenge for any growing organization is to ensure that the work team is equipped with the knowledge, skills, ability and willingness to manage self, process and the whole team as a whole. The key to inorganic growth has always been and will remain a work team, which is aware of individual and group responsibilities, their role in the overall organizational perspective and empowered to run the show by itself with minimal supervision.

CEO's SMT deployment helps you to build your own Self Managed Team and build a sustainable growth map for your organization.

CEO's SMT deployment will help you improve process to reduce cycle time and improve production efficiency, improve Quality, improve manpower productivity by reducing Non-Value Added activities, facilitate Continuous Improvement Process and coordinate for achieving all performance targets of your area and ensure Shop discipline. Speak to us to for a customized presentation and to learn better as to how SMT can help your Organization.