Measure to better with CEO's Employee Satisfaction Survey

You go the distance to identify and hire talent for your organization. Your best of resources are put in to plan, design and deliver the training that will equip these employees to learn and perform better. You create an infrastructure that is designed to stimulate the best of minds. Your leaders and managers spend considerable time in delivering initiatives that is aimed at keeping your team happy. But are your employees really happy and satisfied?

CEO's Employee Satisfaction survey is designed to holistically measure satisfaction levels across organization. CEO's surveys strategically measure both Affective and cognitive satisfaction levels to present you with an in-depth understanding of organizational picture.

Affective satisfaction is emotional in nature, often occurring through interpersonal relationships, recognition and reward systems, and opportunities for creativity and self-expression at work, and more. Cognitive satisfaction relates to intellectual stimulation and challenge, compensation and benefits, working hours, working environment, and more.

Our survey deployment mechanism integrates all crucial aspects of survey delivery and analysis mechanism and assures absolute anonymity, detailed cross tab based reports that can be drilled down to departments and crucial questions including perception of Senior Management, Interpersonal Relations, Compensation, Communication, Mentoring, Strategic Leadership and Heath of team.

CEO’s Survey solutions have been designed by OD consultants with numerous years of organizational and interpersonal behavior analysis experience and can be deployed as an online tool or a pen and paper based survey.