Holistic evaluation of performance

An ideal PMS must be capable of assisting you to set your policies and goals in view of organization business requirement, cascade your goals, let you define measurement, set target accordingly - individual, department, business unit-wise. It is even more better if it can identify accountable individuals, provide a perspective for policies and goals set. And of course, enable you to measure it at the end of assigned period keeping in consideration weightage, measure, and target achieved. And how about depicting all this information graphically - bell curves, plotted representations?

ePeoplePower is a powerful Performance management System that assists you to holistically evaluate employee and Organizational performance. While most PMS's in the market help you to appraise the performance of an individual against set goals, ePeoplePower gives you the refined edge of doing so in comparison with peer performance, department performance, organizational goals and performance objectives set.

ePeoplePower fills a significant employee performance-strategy execution divide in Performance Management. ePeoplePower does this by integrating a comprehensive Employee Performance Management System within a robust Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) framework.

Essentially designed for mature organizations, ePeoplePower helps in setting, capturing and evaluating the performance in the most efficient way possible.