Holistic and objective feedback. Simplified.

A 360 degree feedback must allow the organization and individual to develop. It must provide with inputs that are effective and objective with a perspective of overall growth. It must be simple to design, administer and interpret. CEO's 360 degree feedback is all that and more.

We at CEO understand your requirement to have access to simple but efficient 360 degree feedback mechanisms. Our e360, with the option of easy GUI based self service module or a totally outsourced model, empowers you to design, develop, deploy feedbacks in very little time and obtain valuable insights that can be effectively deciphered in depth.

e360 helps you to save on the cost of resources deployed, reduce the overall deployment time frame, frees you from the hassles of completion follow-up and delivers valuable insights and holistic feedback within a justifiable cost and time frame.

e360 is absolutely customizable for your requirements. Starting from the competency dictionary to the logo, look and feel of the assessment and even the report templates.