Intractive WhiteBoard

Special Features

  • Finger Touch

  • Accurate Positioning

  • Scratch Proof

  • Fire Proof

  • rugged Ceramic Steel Surface

  • Green 99% Recyclable

  • Zero Maintenance

  • Gesture Enabled

  • Seamless Design

  • Easy Installation

  • Low gloss avoids strain to eyes

  • No need of any specialised pen

  • 9 point calibration for higher accuracy

  • Compatible with Android Windows Linux

How it Works

Fully-functioning interactive whiteboards usually comprise four components: a computer, a projector, appropriate software and the display panel. The computer is connected to the projector and whiteboard.

The projector displays the computer screen image onto the board. Action on the surface of the display panel is communicated with the computer over a cable and interpreted via the installed software.

We Keep on discovering the incridible solution for intactive classrooms.

Technical Specification

Display Itouch Finger Board Itouch Pen Board
Technology  Optical Sensing Touch Technology
Screen Size  Customized sizes are available as per requirement(78",92",102")
Surface  Both Ceramic and Non-Ceramic
Mode of Operation  Fingure,Stylus or any dummy pen     A special Battery operated pen
Touch Point  Multi touch point Boards
Frame  Aluminum Alloy Anodized/Powder Coated
Connection  USB_Port 2.0
Power  Through USB
Touch Accuracy  <3 mm
Cursor Speed  100-120 FPS
Surface features  Low Reflection ,Anti Scratch,Fire proof ceramic steel Surface
Operating Temp  (-10 to +52)C
Humidity  20% to 80%
Operating System  Android,Window,Linux
Warranty  3 Year Warranty
Accessories  Pointer,USB Cable,Wall Mount Bracket and UserManual
Driver  No Driver Required
Gesture Control  Intelligent Gesture Recognition in Window 7
Installation  Wall Mount or Floor Stand
Fingure touch (all in one) Board comes with dual core CPU,500GB HDD & 2GB RAM,a UPS & Speaker