Organization Climate Survey

So how do you better the best? Your organization undoubtedly offers a good work climate that is designed strategically for enhancing performance. But how do you identify opportunities that can better help retain employees, reduce turnover, and enhance job performance and overall satisfaction?

CEO's Organizational climate survey assists you to measure and identify opportunities for workplace improvement by focusing on a wide gamut of work place dimensions including Role-Clarity, Employee / Management Relations, Respect, Communication, Performance / Reward Systems, Career Development, Decision-Making / Coordination, Innovation, Relationships, Teamwork / Support, Quality of Service, Conflict Management, Morale Strategy and direction.

CEO's Organizational climate survey factor in the six crucial motives relevant to the organizational climate including Achievement, Influence, Control, Extension, Dependency and Affiliation.

Organizational climate surveys increase productivity. CEO's Climate survey gives employees a voice to assist in making desired transitions as smooth as possible. It also serves as a basis for quality improvements. By identifying areas of inefficiency and acting on performance barriers identified by employees of all levels, your organization can gain a fresh and innovative perspective.

CEO’s Organizational Climate Survey analysis identifies areas of employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction to facilitate management in the creation of greater workplace harmony and, therefore, increased productivity. Our report focuses on actionable analysis and conclusions drawn from the data, to help you prepare for a better tomorrow.