Online assessments on demand

AssessGuru is a web enabled platform that allows Organizations and institutions the liberty of designing their own assessments on a reliable Technology base.

Ever changing demands of industry and organization necessitate a requirement for a robust platform that gives the liberty of anytime assessment on content that evolves regularly. AssessGuru has been developed based on this need.

With AssessGuru organizations and institutes have the liberty of developing their own online assessments of varying scope & difficulty levels, building internal question banks, benchmarking candidates, conducting demographic analysis, creating branded & detailed reports and more.

CEO's platform provides a powerful, economic and viable alternative to existing bulky, heavy process oriented and expensive online assessment solutions in market.

AssessGuru is ideally suited for large / mid scale organizations, Educational Institutions, Recruitment Consultants and industrial associations. CEO, also has an expert in-house team that can develop question banks based on demand.